Tobias Pfaff

Researcher. Game programmer. Stingray enthusiast.



Mantaflow is a open-source framework for Fluid Simulation,
developed by Nils Thurey and me at ETH. It can be scripted
and easily extended, which makes it easy to develop and test
new algorithms without reinventing the basics.
Mantaflow is now being used by a number of research groups,
and many SIGGRAPH papers rely on it as a simulation engine.


ArcSim is the thin shell and cloth simulator used in my
recent papers. It was developed by Rahul Narain, Armin Samii
and myself at UC Berkeley. ArcSim allows very realistic
simulation of cloth and shell dynamics, as well as fracture (coming soon).
It is used by researchers in Graphics, and has also been licensed
to two Animation and Design companies.