Tobias Pfaff

Researcher. Game programmer. Stingray enthusiast.

God of Grammar

God of Grammar is a puzzle game, in which you form rules out of words to help a bunch of simple simple-minded creatures on their journey. It is very short, but it has rainbows, happiness and surprisingly hard puzzles!

Playing God of Grammar

God of Grammar is available for free (no ads either) on iOS, Android and in your browser.

  • Android: Google Play
  • iOS: App Store
  • You can also play it on your laptop in the browser (click here), it does play best on tablets and those fancy big-screen phones though. Requires the Unity browser plugin.

Bug reports: gog (at)


The game was an attempt to make all aspects of a game myself, as I normally mostly focus on the programming. I got a texture/env.3d model pack from the Unity store, and some great music from the awesome people at OpenGameArt (see credits), but the rest (game design, modeling, character animation, programming) is by me. Learnings: Character animation is suprisingly fun! Level design is way harder than it seems! rainbows are awesome!

Animator’s survival kit is an excellent book if you’re like me new to character animation. Insightful and fun to read.