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Ghibli Screen Saver

I made a cute Windows screensaver for my Ghibli-obsessed friend a while ago. It does not do much in the sense of screen-saving, but rather displays a set of animated Ghibli critters walking and sitting on your windows and the task bar. There is Kiki’s cat, a bouncing Totoro and a bunch of dust sprites among others. Here’s how it looks like:

I just re-rested it under Windows 8, and it still seems to work fine (although it does looks cooler with the faux-3D window frames on XP and Win7). You can set it as a Windows .scr screensaver, or run as a standalone for testing. Start the program, and wait a few seconds for stuff to happen – note that key presses or mouse movements cancel the program (it’s meant to be used as a screensaver after all).

Enjoy! Download.

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